President's Message

Dear Members and Friends:

What a wonderful autumn we had with warm weather and fun celebrations. We had a variety of events this fall and of course, our very well attended Oktoberfest parties.I enjoyed the music, food and camaraderie and especially enjoy seeing the youngest members of the club join in the dancing! Thank you to our staff and all the performers who took part!

I deeply enjoy all of our events and seeing our members get together. Of course, we need a place to do this. The Austrian Canadian Cultural Centre is unique as we own the entire building. This of course means we need daily management of the facilities, constantly repairing items both big and small and adapting to time (for example, when we added touchless sinks in response to the pandemic). I am glad to have managed this for over 30 years. In my past life, I worked in construction and so many of our members and board members were tradespeople, meaning our club was built both strong and beautiful. Ensuring the club stays this way takes a lot of work and money, but these are worthwhile investments. Many thanks to members and board members who continue to invest in our building.

Speaking of which, thank you to board members who have helped me this year with our office space. The units on the second floor of the club have great space, views and facilities. We have office space available with very affordable rates so please tell your contacts who are looking for a dedicated office.

Our Viennese new year’s even luncheon is coming up and I am so looking forward to it. We have many private bookings over the holiday season, so we will be busy! Wishing you all Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr!

Best regards, Frank Meixner, President

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