President's Message

Dear Members and Friends:

I hope you have all had a good winter and made the most of it. We cannot change the weather, only how we dress for it! Now that it’s Spring, we can enjoy looking forward to many events and nice summer weather.

We recently held a wonderful Hunter’s Dance, what a fun return to tradition. Many thanks to board vice president Mike Rogi and longtime member Joe Kury for organizing this event and keeping it alive!

Coming this month, we’ll be celebrating Maifest and later Mother’s Day. For Maifest, we have been celebrating raising a Maibaum in the parking lot. Many thanks to Peter McCormick and the Schuhplattler Verein for making this traditional event happen. I remember the Maibaum raising when I was growing up in Austria. At this point I am probably unlikely to scale the Maibaum myself, but I can certainly enjoy watching it be raised. What a lively and jolly event for our community. At the club this year, we will be raising the Maibaum at 4pm on April 29th – a free event for all to enjoy. Later in the evening, we’ll host a buffet dinner and dance with many performances.

On Sunday, May 14th , we’ll be celebrating mothers, grandmothers, aunts and the women in our lives with a Mother’s Day brunch. In response to some feedback, we have stretched our open hours for it so that some can join us early, and some can drop in later. The brunch will be open from 10am – 2pm. We hope to see you there!

Best regards, Frank Meixner, President


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