Austrian Choir Heimatecho

The Austrian mixed Choir “Heimatecho” has been singing together since 1980 when a group of members of the Austrian-Canadian Society got together to rehearse some traditional songs for the Christmas party at the newly opened Austrian-Canadian Cultural Centre. Over the years 30 singers joined the choir, which performs at various club functions and also sings at senior homes and hospitals. New singers are always welcome to join the choir. Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m.

For more information please call Frieda Foidl 403 246-0259.

Choir Report

Dear Friends and Members:

Hello everyone! It feels good sunshine and happy heart in the air. Summer is here! We, the choir members, are staying in touch with each other and so far everyone is keeping well – no Covid- 19, thank God! – and waiting to get together to enjoy singing our beautiful traditional Austrian folk music.

In the last few months we have had several birthdays and send Happy Birthday wishes to all, especially Josie Janschitz, Inge Romih and Gertrud Friedrich who celebrated a special 80th Birthday! Congratulations and best wishes for happy, healthy years to come filled with love.

We are proud musical ambassadors, sharing the wonderful treasure of Austrian Culture. As public health restrictions relax, Heimatecho looks forward to an opportunity to practice! We will wait to hear when practice will be possible and may need to adjust our meeting times.

Today I like to say thank-you to our proud choir members for their dedication, commitment and support for more than 40 years. Also a special thank-you to our choir director Jeannie Park for her committed teaching, giving us confidence and keeping us focused on our singing and keeping Austrian tradition and Culture alive. We all hope to get together soon and return to some normalcy! Have a great summer and enjoy the beautiful weather and stay safe.

Frieda Foidl

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