Austrian Choir Heimatecho

The Austrian mixed Choir “Heimatecho” has been singing together since 1980 when a group of members of the Austrian-Canadian Society got together to rehearse some traditional songs for the Christmas party at the newly opened Austrian-Canadian Cultural Centre. Over the years 30 singers joined the choir, which performs at various club functions and also sings at senior homes and hospitals. New singers are always welcome to join the choir. Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m.

For more information please call Frieda Foidl 403 246-0259.

Choir Report

Dear Friends and Members:

Thankfully summer allowed us to get some fresh air and sunshine, even when it was very hot. The choir recently had a socially distanced gathering on July 25th. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the barbecue at Claudia Bosch’s beautiful garden, it felt good to get to see each other again.

The Choir is an important part of the Austrian- Canadian community and we were honoured to be asked to recently perform at a celebration of life for one of the club’s valued members. On July 31st, the choir was invited to sing at the celebration of life for Jake Maier, Katie Maier’s husband. After a long gap in performing, our choir director Jeannie Park led us in practicing to make this wish come true. We performed at the Bonifatius Church and then joined the family at the club where photos, videos and tributes were shared. Frank Meixner and Vic Lavicka made special speeches. A big thank-you to our choir members who made this a special celebration.

Choir Heimatecho loves to practice our Austrian traditional folk music – a dedication to our Austrian Culture. And now we are finally able to start the practicing and enjoying this treasured music again and yes, we will have to follow public health protocols.

Our next practice is September 9th at 7 PM at the Austrian-Canadian Club. See you all there!

Frieda Foidl

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