There are 3 ways to buy or to renew your membership:

  1. Complete a membership form at the Austrian Club, and pay $35.00 at the lounge or in the office.
  2. Phone 403-250-9126 , ask for a membership and pay with credit card.
  3. Renew or subscribe to a new membership online, by following the steps below:
    1. For CURRENT MEMBERS, an account was created in reference to your email address. If you don't yet have access to your account, you'll need to follow the instructions below to reset your password so you can claim your account. Once you're in, we encourage you to buy your NEW membership:
      Go to the following URL:
    2. Enter your email and select "Send Password Reset Link"
    3. Go to your email account and find the message from the club "Reset Your Password"
    4. Follow the link in the email to enter your new password
    5. You now have access to your community account where you can purchase the NEW membership online, specific instructions for renewal are below:
    6. While logged in, click here to enter the Membership section of your new account
    7. Click the 'Select Membership' button for the Austrian Canadian Club Membership
    8. Pick your membership type, enter your volunteering interests and complete the purchase
    9. Your membership is now extended to December 31st, of the current year
      This allows you now actively manage your account and buy the NEW membership and print your membership card. Going forward, we'll be transitioning volunteer communications through this site as well.
  4. For NEW MEMBERS, follow the link below:
    Memberships - Austrian-Canadian Cultural Centre
Members receive the “Austrian-Canadian Society News” with information about upcoming events, messages of importance about the Society and general material of interest about Austria. Membership fee is $ 35.00 annually for individuals or family.

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